This sculpture is available for exhibition and all for sale

In 2008 the first of several of Joseph Kinnebrew's works were selected to be exhibited at the historic Bonnie Brae Estate on Lake Geneva Wisconsin.  The works were offered for sale by the Kinnebrew Trust.  Years before this had been the summer home of Martin and Caroline Ryerson.  Mr. Ryerson was a well known philanthropist in Chicago at the turn of the last century.

Of particular interest is that Martin Ryerson along with his cousin-in-law Charles Hutchinson were founding trustees and major benefactors of the Chicago Art Institute and the University of Chicago.  The Ryerson's were widely admired and well known in their day.  They traveled extensively, purchased and were well acquainted with Monet and other famous artists of their day.  Visitors to Bonnie Brae have included european royalty, Teddy Roosevelt and Thomas Edison.

For over 32 years the original house, grounds and lake front have been owned and faithfully restored . 

Writers, artists as well as others from challenging disciplines, continue the traditions that Martin Ryerson and his wife began over 100 years ago. Today the work of Kinnebrew, this internationally known fine artist, writer and inventor reaffirms Ryerson's vision and passion for fine art and the importance it has in everyone's lives.

Visitors who walk on the public access path along the Lake Geneva are encouraged to view the sculptures on the lower lawn area.  Those wishing to see more work in the historical home on the hill above are requested to call for an appointment (360 420 4141)


Joseph Kinnebrew's work in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

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