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Joseph Kinnebrew

Kinnebrew has designed commercial and residential buildings, consulted with a variety of professional designers such as architects, product designers, landscape, graphic, environmental and interior designers. Many of the projects have received award winning professional recognition. Often they have been the subjects of essays and numerous book references.

Kinnebrew has done work in the areas of theoretical structures and holds many design and mechanical patents.

Kinnebrews vision seeks to integrate art into our lives in ways that are not limited by our visual experience. His belief in design stems from an understanding and acceptance of the practical concept that all things are the product of design. Traditionally we have considered the designer to be limited to what we see but for a long time this has not been true. We have only recently come to the realization that design is an organizational process that reaches deep into all aspects of our physical and philosophical world and beyond.

Kinnebrew has been a tireless crusader promoting the role of designers and artists into broader aspects of our lives. The assumption to often has been that because of their creativity they do not recognize the rules or benefits of disciplined thinking. Finally we are coming to know through our experience and understanding of how the brain works that our assumptions have been grievously misplaced. Creative people us very different and highly effective tools of organization and planning.

In this section we offer only an small representation of Kinnebrew's design efforts. For more information contact us regarding his inventions, patents and some objects that have been commercially produced.

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