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New Work-digital art / digital photography

Digital collage

This recent work focuses on digital images of high resolution that I initially thought would be directed to painting. It has long been my habit to plan “some” canvases in the computer using Photoshop and other related graphic and photo manipulation tools. Now, however, I feel that because of the subject matter and complexity of the work they may best remain in the digital format.

Since I was a child I have been fascinated by collage and in a real sense that is what these are. Some include images from my paintings and objects in my everyday life. Like many artists I repeat the use of some objects but in different formats. For me this is a clear illustration of quantum notions.

The images I am working on are sometimes dark in subject and I hope always provocative in thought, as I have continued to consider and be influenced by the recent events in my life and the ever-present issues of “post-modernism”.

These images are available in various sizes as signed limited edition prints. The edition sizes range from 8 to 16 images per edition.
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