Kinnebrew lecture topics


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How an Artist Thinks and About What
The Effect of the Scientific Method on Art
The Sacred and the Profane
Why So Much Science? listen (5 min)
Scientists and Artists Cherish Freedom
Artists and History
Artists and Political Commentary
The Agony and the Ecstasy
Why I Make Art Listen (10 min)
The Importance of Metaphor As a First Language
Art As Illusion
The Importance of Context
The Importance of the Void
The Void and Philosophy
Artists and Religion
The Artist and Invention
Thinking Gray
The Importance of Dreams
Looking at Negative Space and Color
On the Nature of Beauty Rather Than the Appearance of Beauty listen (11 min)
Artists Are Different Not Special
Artists Finding Their Way in the World listen (12 min)
Little Things Count
On Spatial Relationships
It's Not About the Tools
Tracing Back to First Causes listen (7 min)
How Artists Actually Work
Art and Metaphysics
On Painting Flowers
How Does the Surrealist Think?
Digital Art
An Artist's Statement on Conformity
Artists and Change
Artists Are Like Children
The Status Quo
Falling in Love
The Love of Immortality
Brain Function
Tunnel Vision and the Artifacts in the Landscape
The Mirror
Colors and Magnets
The Privilege of Rank
Distinction and Extinction
Reality Defined
The Great Disconnect
The Problem with Generalizations
Following the Thread
The Priests
Seeing Things Differently
Artists Are Rule Breakers
Exceptions Not Exceptionalism
Can You Express It When You Haven't Lived It?
Seeing Is Believing
Messages from a Dark Room
My Mentor
What Is the Future for Art? listen (25 min)



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