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"The People, The Land, The Idea is a shared ideal that has become manifest. I believe that artists are creators and the interpreters of symbols. These symbols are the basis of metaphors we in turn use to express significant emotions and ideas. Flags have long been used to rally people to the causes and ideals they have deep convictions about."

"These are interpretations of a great and grand idea. The instigation and formation of a democratic nation called America. This sacred symbol is interpreted in a society that encourages innovation and insight into virtually all aspects of the world around us. This is an important exercise of the freedoms we enjoy in America. These ideas are not born out of fear of the future, indeed they are inspired with the optimist anticipation of it. The freedom to interpret, to innovate and express our differing visions has been a mighty inspiration to what is the spirit of our people."


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Joseph Kinnebrew
The People
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The Idea
The Land

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