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fabricated steel

There are many examples of large and small scale Kinnebrew sculptures in welded steel located in various parts of the country. This portfolio presents pieces for sale.

While some pieces are unique others are done in numbered editions (usually 3 with one artist proof) or in a series. Pieces done in series are similar but with some variation and usually do not exceed five or six variations.


Fabricated Steel Sculpture

Fabricated metal sculpture (welded steel) represents a significant aspect of joseph kinnebrew's work. In the minimalist tradition, this sculptor is a careful meditation on line and form, space and volume. Many of the tenets central to minimalism are present here - every plan or curved surface is in strict relation to the whole. However, Kinnebrew invests his sculpture with a dynamism that distinguishes his work among other minimalist sculptors. It is achieved first, by suggesting the suspension of movement (time) and second, by his use of color. These characteristics can be seen in his earliest commissioned work as well as present day fabrication.



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