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essay topics from new book


Sanctification of the artist…Sanctus Sanctus Sanctus

A figment of our imagination

What's all the fuss about

Traveling with Van Gogh

Herding cats

My brain, your brain, our brain

How an artist thinks and about what

The great disconnect

Why it is hard not to be autobiographical

Poor thought and book organization from your point of view

The problem with generalizations

The Priests

Why art objects are the best expression for me

Falling in love

This is book about exceptions not exceptionalism

We are all creative to one degree or another

We are like children

Following the thread


Why so much science

Schrödinger's cat and entanglement

Seeing things differently

Artists are not fond of rules.

Can you express it when you haven’t lived it? Seeing is believing

The effect of the scientific method on art

The sacred and the profane

The agony and the ecstasy

Why I make art

I am Amazed

When I realized I was in trouble because I saw things differently

A sense of humor

Messages from a dark room

The importance of metaphor as a first language

Art as illusion

The importance of context

Encounters of the 4th kind

The importance of the void

The void and philosophy

You can’t go back again

Artists’ and religion

My mentor

The artist and invention

How does the surrealist think?

Thinking gray

The importance of dreams

Ask an artist what they are doing now or what they did today


Looking at negative space and color

On the nature of beauty rather than the appearance of beauty

Artists are different not special

Artists finding their way in the world

Little things count

On spatial relationships  

It’s not about the tools

Tracing back to first causes

How artists actually work

Art and metaphysics

On painting flowers

Digital art

Who am I?

The periodic self GPS check


An artist statement on conformity

What is the future for art?

How artists find their way it the world

Artists and history

Artists and political commentary

Artists and change

The status quo

The love of immortality

Tunnel vision and the artifacts in the landscape

Brain function


Scientists and artists cherish freedom

The mirror

Disrespect for tools

Colors and magnets

The privilege of rank

Distinction and extinction

Mind over matter


Reality defined


The big time

Homage to Rainer Maria Rilke



In the afterward

And finally the denouement I am returning to the title of this book





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Kinnebrew has written many articles, artist statements, white papers and 6 books. His book on fine art, recently completed, is a collection of essays he uses for various talks about "fine art".

This page provides a list of essays sometimes used as the basis for various lectures and facilitated discussions.