For a short time these toys were produced and sold to Museum stores. Now there are very few of them left. If you are interested in one please contact us and we will see if we can find one for you.
wooden sculptures "Toys...for big kids."

Joseph Kinnebrew began making toys for his children in 1974 when they were very young. He recognized other possibilities for this joyful expression and soon started making wooden sculptures which he called "Toys... for big kids" .
All of the wooden sculptures are capable of some form of movement. Presently, Kinnebrew Design offers the Yu &Ai puzzle, the articulated acrobats and the Derbyman.
Each piece is assembled by hand and signed by Joseph Kinnebrew

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Yu & Ai*
*Yu & Ai in Japanese means "Needless to say, love and affection."
The Acrobats
The Derbyman
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Joseph Kinnebrew