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Composed and Performed by Joseph Kinnebrew

Produced by Kenny Hirschhorn

Recorded at the McKena Studios
Maui Hawaii

28 minutes

RED was recorded in two and a half days in March of 2004. Eighty percent of the recording was done in a single take with no previous notes or preparation. Most of this piece is recorded on two tracks with some transitional passages and all the mixing done by Kenny Hirschhorn.

This is a 33 MB file so it will take some time to download. Be patient please.

copyright joseph kinnebrew 2004 & Future Stuff LLC


This music is my gift to you. Please treat it gently and do not abuse it's uniqueness. Please request permission if you use it for any reason other than your own listening pleasure.

While I may not know why I like red I do know why I like music. It transports me into another dimension and the options to express ourselves and these experiences are everywhere. Like many who aspire to make music I have needed encouragement and more than a little help. I am not, after all, a trained or remotely professional musician. I am instead one who can not resist the lure of the piano or keyboard.

I have the good fortune to know Kenny Hirschhorn, the producer of this CD and a good friend of seemingly unending enthusiasm and abilities. His patience should be obvious when considering what he has done with my primitive sounds. Kenny is an accomplished musician as well as technician and here presented as impresario as well. Producers in the music business wear many hats and I am the appreciative recipient of my producers many skills.

Red is a series of vignettes many of which are reflections of a cherished friend. The many facets of his life and mine are woven back and forth into this work. This is sound that takes me to a place of recollection and spirits me away to where time and space are one. I don't know why I like red because the simple truth is that I don't need too. Liking it is more than enough.

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