Integrating artistic vision into solutions for today’s constantly evolving challenges in business, science and education.

This is the voice of one who has done this.

Critics refere to Joseph Kinnebrew as an eccentric genius. He is very approachable and passionate about his work as an artist but believes in getting the artist's vision out of the studio into other places where it can be applied with proven benefit.

He is a rule breaker.

Kinnebrew is committed to building bridges of understanding to new applications of creative vision. He speaks of examples that meld art and science to create original, comprehensive and utterly fascinating new insights to today's challenges. His lectures and seminars have brought unique and deeper understandings of art, society, science and technology to a wide variety of audiences..

Kinnebrew is a multifaceted polymath whose interests are wide ranging. They are reflected and communicated in his visual art, inventions, explorations into theoretical structural systems, design and practical organizational applications.

Unlike many who observe and comment from the outside looking into art Kinnebrew is on the inside reaching out to us with authenticity and first hand knowledge of how, why and what an artist thinks.

When speaking, this man and the way he deals with subjects is anything but predictable. Kinnebrew shows us a new way, a road that he has travelled on and experienced with success.

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A representative list of audiences

Celebrity Guest Lecturer on board the QEII delivering the prestigious Trafalgar Lectures(3 cruises)

Corporate executive and educational leaders

Professional groups

Endowed lectures

Commencement addresses

Museums, artists, graduate and undergraduate audiences


"Listening to your voice and remembering the time that I was blessed to spend with you...."

K. Murphy, 2014

" are indeed the master of ingenuity and creativity. Go for it, Don Quixote!"

S, Nalen, 2014


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2012 Speaking at the Davos Forum on The Future of Capitalism:  Dr. Klaus Schwab is the founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum.


So even though capitalism was not laid to rest in Davos, it is fair to say that capital is losing its status as the most important factor of production in our economic system.


As I outlined in my opening address in Davos, capital is being superseded by creativity and the ability to innovate -- and therefore by human talents -- as the most important factors of production. If talent is becoming the decisive competitive factor, we can be confident in stating that capitalism is being replaced by "talentism."


Just as capital replaced manual trades during the process of industrialization, capital is now giving way to human talent. I am convinced that this process of transformation will also lead to new approaches within the field of economics.


It is indisputable that an ideology founded on personal freedom and social responsibility gives both individuals and the economy the greatest possible scope to develop.