"The topic of intuition was faithfully attended to. Joseph opened my eyes and sensitivity to intuition altogether and especially my confidence in honoring it."

"In Joseph Kinnebrew I have found a gifted teacher, a masterful artist and an insightful friend. From day one of the seminars, he helped me to develop a stronger sense of how intuition can benefit me in both my private and professional life."

"The seminars have taught me that in being true to my intuition, I am being true to myself. Joseph Kinnebrew has opened my eyes to the infinite possible intersections of life and art."

" I have a new awareness and appreciation of my own intuition. Joseph Kinnebrew is a master of making abstract concepts intelligible on a very concrete level. He has a gift for making people see the hidden artists in themselves."

"We built bridges of understanding and with them developed and extended our insight. It is only possible when we trust our intuition and really use it. I have been reminded that I have it and must use it if I want to be better at whatever I choose to do."

"I came to the seminars having no idea what to expect, and I left with the feeling that what I gained from the experience has changed my perspective on art and life entirely. Joseph Kinnebrew has given me the invaluable gift of rediscovering my own intuition, a gift I will employ and cultivate from this point forward."

"I learned how to luxuriate in failure and see it not as a negative experience but instead as a point of growth and departure."

"The seminars were inspirational and a great tool for employing intuition in my everyday life."

Intuition Seminar attendee comments

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