Joseph Kinnebrew began his career as a sculptor. In the mid-sixties he started welding found objects and quickly moved to large steel minimalist pieces. In the late sixties he served apprenticeships in an iron and bronze foundries.

His minimalist work articulates an ongoing careful meditation on line and form, time space and mass. The basic tenants central to minimalism are manifest here - every planar or curved surface is in strict relation to the whole. However, Kinnebrew invests his sculpture with a dynamic that distinguishes his work among other minimalist sculptors. This is achieved first, by suggesting suspension or movement and secondly with color. These characteristics can be seen in his earliest commissioned work as well as present day fabrications.

In addition to fabricated metal, Kinnebrew creates bronzes of such unique distinction they have been featured in national and international publications. Some are massive abstractions with curves and angles reminiscent of Henry Moore and Jean Arp. Others are precise compositions, often surreal, and finished with exquisite patinas.




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